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In addition to being professionals with years of experience - we are well known for being just a whole lot of fun! Stop by and browse. See what's new. Be inspired. When it comes to fabrics, accessories and gifts, we're a garden like no other. Come by. We promise - we'll grow on ya!

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Mary Catherine

Sales! I have been with CEF since May 2014 I had just gone back to school to get a degree in Interior Design. I graduated with my first degree in 2010 and spent the years in between teaching preschool and being a nanny.  

What I love about working at CEF is that things are constantly changing. We are always getting new things and meeting new people. There is always a new project to work on and a new problem to solve. Most importantly, I couldn't do it without my fellow Cynthia East girls! Oh, and math, I love math!

To stay creatively inspired, I constantly have a project going on at home. I am always making new pillows, drapes, painting, rearranging the furniture or recovering something. I love to sew and get my hands dirty. A design trend I won't miss is grey when it fizzles out.

My dream home is an apartment in Manhattan with beautiful floors and architectural details. It would have great big windows, with a view (duh). And probably a rooftop garden while we are at it. Then I'd have a tiny home on wheels so I can take it to the beach or to the mountains.  

If a movie were to made about my life, Sarah Jessica Parker would portray me. Definitely, SJP... or maybe Michelle Williams... or maybe Kate Hudson....

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Floor Manager! I have been at CEF since 1999 when Abby suggested that I apply, except for the 4 years I spent on leave to pursue a career in girl punk bands... When that didn't work out I knew I just wanted to get back to CEF! I have been here ever since and Abby and I continue to be mistaken for each other more and more each day (What is it??) My favorite part of working at Cynthia East is getting to design throughout all design styles. I don't have to limit myself to one. I can do beach houses to log cabins, traditional to funky - I can appreciate and enjoy each one!

I stay creatively inspired by visiting thrift stores, local art galleries and searching for vintage fabrics. The girls call my style "Creepy Grandma!" Design trends I do not miss are bead, trim, and bouillon. If money were no object and I could build the home of my dreams it would be a replica of The Adams' Family mansion!

If a movie were to made about my life, a young Lucille Ball would be who would portray me!
upholstery in arkansas


Manager! I have worked at CEF since June of 1996. I was moving back from St. Louis and there was an opening because someone was going on maternity leave. I took a brief break in 1999 to work at Arkansas Arts Center Children's Theatre.  

What I love about working with Cynthia East Fabrics is all the colorful fabrics and the friends that I have made with my coworkers and customers. It's also nice to have a fresh audience each day for my comedy routine.   

To stay creatively inspired, I love to go to open houses and look at home for sale in vacation destinations. A design trend I don't miss is animals wearing clothes on fabrics. A design trend I hope comes back is GLITTER! I hope fabric that looks like glitter is ALWAYS on trend. I LOVE GLITTER.

My hobbies include knitting, cooking, making jewelry, and dancing! If money were no object, my dream home would be a modern beach house, with a slide inside, an in-ground pool, solar panels, and a garden (that someone else took care of).  To describe myself using only a song title, I think of "You Light Up My Life". 3 People I want to spend a night out with are Emma Thompson, Kate McKinnon, and Will Ferrell.  Leslie Jones. would definitely play me in a movie! Or... Scarlett Johansen. 
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Office Girl! I started at CEF in January 1990 as an intern. But really I started babysitting for Cynthia's children at 16 and babysat my way through high school and college. I needed a design internship for my college degree. I called Cynthia to ask her if she knew anyone and she told me to come on down to the store and do it here! And...I've been here EVER since! What I love about working at CEF is our products!

A design trend I don't miss are balloon shades. A design trend I wish could come back is tableskirts! All I have to do to stay creatively inspired is come to work!

My main hobby is going to the lake with my big ole family!

Cute Jennifer Gardner would be perfect to play me in a movie about my life!
interior designer in central arkansas


Sales & Merchandising! I have been with CEF since Sept. 2016. I was interested in CEF because my mom worked here when she was my age - with Ginger! - I have worked in local retail for many years while attending UALR.

What I love about working at CEF is getting to be creative and share that creativity with people every day. I love the environment and relationship I have with my fellow coworkers - we have a lot of fun and are all very close.

To stay creatively inspired, I love looking at home magazines. I also follow many different bloggers and love keeping up with the most recent fabric trends.

If money were no object, my dream home would a classic southern architecture for the exterior. The interior would be a mix between modern and classic design - lots of bright colors!

If a movie were made about my life, Reese Witherspoon would portray me. Whoever it is, they've gotta have a good southern accent.

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 Sales! I have with Cynthia East since January of 2015. I had recently moved here from Jackson, WY by way of NYC. I have done a lot in my life but most recently I worked for Food & Wine Magazine in NYC and Teton Oral & Maxillfacial Surgery in Jackson, WY. WhatI like about CEF is my fellow co-workers!

A design trend I'm not a fan of is... paisley - it can go away... BUT! I'm liking that emerald is coming back. And I always enjoy good classic stripes and plaids

To stay creatively inspired I pick the brains of my fellow designers/coworkers. I have been planning for my pretend home for years - and now it's becoming a reality. They call me Ginny 20 questions because I like to talk about all the design options. "But what if I did..."

My hobbies including training my black lab, Mavis. I also like shopping estate sales and antiquing. I fly fish and love a good road trip.

If money were no object, my dream home would be one level, with outdoor space convenient to anywhere in the house, gardens and patios. Interior would be transitional with a touch of rustic. OH with vaulted ceilings. French doors. And acreage for Mavis! 

Who would play me in a movie? Reese Witherspoon (Adele stole that!)
best fabrics in little rock, ar


Sales! I started in 1983 straight from the Home Economics department in Fayetteville. I heard about an open position from a friend, came and applied, and here we are.  I love that it is a family atmosphere. I love solving customer's problems making them happy - we get to build relationships with customers. Some of the customers I work with have been here as long as I have. Buying fabric is a fun purchase so it makes my job fun - watching a room get pulled together is exciting and satisfying.  

Design trends I do not miss are swags and jabot window treatments. ugh.  A design trend I want to see come back... Just give me more 50s modern furniture! To stay creatively inspired, I love making jewelry and needlepoint. My dream home would be on the beach, with lots of windows, in soft blues, greens, turquoise, and whites. 


Sales and Merchandising! I've been with Cynthia East for a while now, Mary Catherine was my classmate and recommended me for my position! I'm from Zagreb, Croatia and came to America to attend school on a tennis scholarship. I have always loved interiors and decorating, which led me to earn my degree in interior design from UCA. I also work at EVO Business Environments as a designer and I've worked as a stage manager for Reynolds Performance Hall. What I love about working at Cynthia East is all the crazy girls here! They make me feel younger than I am. I like how everybody has their own style and input on how to decorate a space. 

A style trend I wish I could bring back is a more European style -less clutter and more plain decorations. My dream home would be a modern condo at the beach with light blues and whites. I love traveling, listing to music, running, and spending time with my friends. If i could spend a night out with any 3 people they would be my fiance (who lives in Mexico), my brother, and my grandmother. And, if a movie were made about my life, Halle Berry would definitely portray me, because I want to be Catwoman! A song that best describes me is "Lijepa Nasa"! 


Sales and Merchandising! I'm currently a student at Mount Saint Mary's. I'm involved in almost every school activity and sports team imaginable. I play church league basketball. I am also a  Catholic Youth Ministry member and an American Cancer Society Junior Ambassador Board Member! I've worked with Cynthia East for a little while now, but before I worked here, I was a babysitter and worked in St. Edward's Church Office. I like working at Cynthia East on Saturdays. I get to help the different people who shop here and learn about interiors. 

To stay creatively inspired, I listen to music and read magazines about interior design. My dream home would be BIG with a neutral base palette and pops of color EVERYWHERE! Jennifer Lawrence would definitely play me, if a movie were made about my life. 

Our Story...

In 1977 Cynthia East decided to leave her job in advertising to transform her love of fabrics into a business. At the time, decorative fabrics were not easily accessible to Arkansans. Cynthia changed that. As the business grew, Cynthia took on more team members, namely Terry Dilday. With Terry's start in 1981, their partnership became indispensable to the company and grew into a lifelong friendship. Since then, Cynthia East and Terry Dilday have set the standard for incredible service, quality, selection, and creativity in the Central Arkansas area. Their simple love of fabrics and talent for design have established the company as a Little Rock institution. Visitors of the store are sure to receive the royal treatment as soon as they walk through the color changing front door. Cynthia, Terry, and the whole team work as a unit to bring your design dreams to fruition.
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